I Love Waffles Menu

Sweet Waffles

Traditional Belgium waffles, topped with 2 scoops of your choice of vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice-cream or cream OR mix it up…
Kids under 12 can have a half portion, for half the price. ID required 😉

The Original R62
all you need is maple flavoured syrup

Banoffee R95
freshly sliced banana, toffee sauce & a tennis biscuit crumb

Banging Berry R110
home-made mixed berry compote with mascarpone cheese & drizzled with honey

Oreo R95
chocolate & white chocolate sauce, topped with an Oreo biscuit crumb & an Oreo biscuit

Apple Crumble R95
cinnamon & nutmeg spiced cooked apples, rich toffee sauce & a tennis biscuit crumb

Chocolate Brownie R85
home-made rich dark chocolate brownie & chocolate sauce

Caramel fudge R85
home-made creamy fudge & a toffee sauce

Hazelnutter R96
hazelnut spread, chocolate sauce & toasted hazelnut sprinkle

Savoury Waffles
Savoury thyme-infused waffles, topped with freshly made quality ingredients. Think open sandwich, but with dimples…

All Day Breakfast R109
3 bacon rashers, 2 fried eggs, grated cheddar cheese, spring onion & tomato chutney

Smoked Trout & Avo R139
smoked trout, sliced avo, cream cheese, home-made pickled red onions & black sesame seed sprinkle

Spicy Chicken R119
freshly made cajun chicken breast, sliced avo, tomato, grated carrot, feta & hummus, drizzled with harissa mayo

Our Avo on “toast” (V) R99
sliced avo & tomato, cream cheese & home-made pickled red onions, drizzled with balsamic reduction

Design Your Own
Traditional Belgium waffles, topped with 2 scoops of your choice of vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice-cream or cream OR mix it up…

R50 plus whatever toppings you choose…

banana R12, spiced cooked apple R18, Smarties R18, hazelnut spread R20, 4 Oreo biscuits R25, fudge R25, chocolate brownie R35, Bar-One R28

chocolate / white chocolate R15, toffee R20, maple flavoured syrup R15, honey R10, salted caramel R25, mixed berry compote R30

Shakes, Sundaes & Smoothies
Good things happen here!

shakes, your flavour choice, topped with whipped cream
vanilla R50, chocolate R62, strawberry R62, Oreo R79 , brownie R79, salted caramel R79, coffee R62, chai R69

Kid’s shakes, for under 12’s only;
vanilla R26, chocolate R35, strawberry R35, Oreo R39

Sundaes, ice cream & cream with your choice of toppings and sauces;
banana split R74, caramel fudge R70, chocolate brownie R76, Oreo R79

Smoothies, made from natural ingredients & double yoghurt. the end.
bananaberry: banana, mixed berries, double cream yoghurt & honey R59
peanut butter bomb: peanut butter, bananas, honey & oat milk R59

Salads are a meal, not a side.

Grilled Courgette & Pea R110
leafy greens with grilled courgettes, peas, tomato, feta, spring onions & toasted pumpkin seeds, drizzled with balsamic reduction

Smoked Trout & Avo R139
leafy greens with smoked trout, sliced avo, cucumber, cream cheese, home-made pickled red onions & black sesame seeds, drizzled with a cream cheese & dill dressing

Spicy Chicken R119
leafy greens with freshly made cajun chicken fillet, sliced avo, tomato, carrots & feta, drizzled with harissa mayo

Classic Toasties. Served with crisps
On your choice of white, brown or rye

cheese & tomato R55
cheddar/mozzarella cheese only R45
gypsy ham, cheddar cheese & tomato R69
freshly made chicken mayo R75

Assortment of hot and cold drinks also available.

Menu items may contain or come into contact with WHEAT, EGGS, PEANUTS, TREE NUTS, SOY, FISH & MILK. Please ask for more information should you have any allergy concerns. All items on the menu are subject to availability.

A service charge of 12% may be added to tables of 6 people or more. Right of admission reserved. E&OE